Energeizer RP10

a highly refined product of palm fatty acids rich in Palmitic Acid

The IFFCO Group offers several speciality products for dairy and poultry. These include the ‘Energizer Range of Rumen-Protected Fats for Dairy Cattle’ and ‘Unimixx Vitamin Mineral Premixes’. Under the Rumen-Protected Fats we have ‘Energizer RP-10’, a highly refined product of palm fatty acids rich in Palmitic Acid and backed by extensive research in leading universities in the USA & Europe. It is a crystalline white product in the form of free flowing flakes, packed in 25 kg paper bags. Unifeed: Unifeed is manufactured by IFFCO in one of the most modern plants, under the most hygienic conditions. It is used for poultry, dairy, sheep, goats, camels, horses and zoo animals. Highly trained workers also use it for general livestock. The company markets the product in the UAE and other GCC countries like Oman and Qatar. All feeds under the Unifeed brand are produced as per the standard specifications. However, the product can be tailormade to meet specific requirements of any farm and animal, depending upon the status of their health and weather conditions. High-fiber livestock feeds are also supplied to many livestock companies in the GCC in order to cater to the needs of imported sheep and goats. Unifeed is certified by ISO and HACCP. Why Energizer ? 1. Product Of Modern technology ENERGIZER is a rumen protected fat produced using the latest in fat processing technology from palm oil. It is free- flowing and has no objectionable ordure or taste. 2. Higher energy content It has been developed to give the highest possible energy value from a protected fat product with low rumen solubility and high small intestine digestibility. Weight for weight ENERGIZER gives higher energy intake than Ca soaps. It is based on the long chain, saturate- free fatty acids from palm oil. 3. ENERGIZER is stable under all weather conditions It has a high melting point and its crystal- while free- flowing flakes remain stable under extreme weathers. 4. Efficient and natural rumen by pass ENERGIZER has very low rumen solubility with the result that it does not interfere with fiber digestion and rumen fermentation. It arrives almost intact in the small intestine (jejunum) where the fatty acids become available for absorption. 5. Fully biological and unsaponified ENERGIZER is a product of palm oil fatty acids fractionated by physical method wherein fatty acids for desired configuration are obtained. It is unsaponified and biological in its nature. 6. Free from trans fatty acids ENERGIZER is not a hydrogenated fate. All its fatty acids are in their natural and digestible form.

All naturally occurring fatty acids are cisisomers which are more digestible. There are converted into trans-isomers as a result of hydrogenation. 7. No carrier ENERGIZER is not a calcium soap and it is free from any carries. It is pure fat and therefore it does not require acid dissociation before it can be absorbed. 8. Richest in palmitic acid/ lowest in stearic ENERGIZER has a selected saturated fatty acid profile, designed to give it the riches palmitic acid ( C 16:0) and lowest stearic acid ( C 18:0) content among all the protected fats available in the market. Research shows that stearic acid has lower digestibility in ruminants and as the stearic acid content of a fat source increases, its digestibility decreases. Researches in the University Of California have found ENERGIZER to be highly digestible in the small intestine. In a trail carried out on steers, ENERGIZER was found to be as well digested as conventional fats at very high inclusion level of up to 5% . ENERGIZER supplementation has also been found to have synergistic effect on small intestine digestion of fat . 9. High palatability ENERGIZER is highly palatable. It can be fed at higher levels than any Ca soap. Field reports show what in extreme weather like sub-zero temperatures in Europe, ENERGIZER has been shown to support high milk yields as higher levels of ENERGIZER could be fed to meet higher energy requirements of cattle. 10. Pleasant texture and odor/no acclimatization needed ENERGIZER is in the form of crystal white fine free-flowing flakes. It mixes well with other ingredients and it has a pleasant odor. Animals on any other protected fact can instantly be higher palatability and pleasant odor which is liked by animals extremely well. 11. Free from dust ENERGIZER is free from dust and it is easy to handle 12. Increases butter fat ENERGIZER has also been shown to increase butter fat in milk and therefore some ice-cream manufacturers have shown preference for milk from cow herds on ENERGIZER. 13. Lubricants pellet press/enhances pellet appearance Since ENERGIZER is pure fat without carrier, it helps lubricate the pellet press, reduces wear and tear and increases die life and gives shining surface to pellets enhancing their appearance. 14. Made from 100% vegetable source ENERGIZER is made from 100% vegetable oil therefore it is free from any animal product related risk( BSE and other harmful agents) 15. Non-GMO: ENERGIZER does not contain any genetically modified organisms or any material derived from a genetically modified source. 16. Quality assurance programmes quality is built into every step of ENERGIZER production. Close technical supervision and continuous quality checks ensure highest quality. Our handling of ENERGIZER at every critical stage of manufacturing process awards us GMP and other certifications.