Availa Line

The Availa Line includes products such as Availa®Plus, Availa®4, Availa®Z/M, Availa®ZMC, Availa®Sow, Availa®Zn, Availa®Mn, Availa®Cu and Availa®Fe.

For more than 40 years, the only aim of Zinpro has been producing the trace elements in food and improving the farmed animals’ performance including aquatic animals. Trace elements play highly important role in all creatures’ nutrition including sea animals like fish and shrimp. These elements affect the metabolic processes like growth and immunity, significantly. If shrimp is being fed by trace elements with high bioavailability, the survival rate and growth will be raised and consequently the quality of harvested products will be improved. The Zinpro organic complexes (Zinpro Performance Minerals®) are the only products in the market which have the outstanding mineral elements. Each package and in fact each molecule contains the highest standard of quality. The Zinpro organic complexes have been exclusively designed and produced to increase the absorption and consumption and as a result higher production. The Zinpro organic complexes in aquaculture under the name of Availa®Mins include following products: The substitution of the whole or a part of Zn، Cu، Mn، Fe و Se in aquatic animal ration with Zinpro Performance Minerals® causes an increase in gaining weight, immunity, survival rate, meat quality, FCR, body weight, shrimp resistance against bacteria, temperature stress and aquaculture profitability.