A Key for Preventing Hypocalcemia

Keypro is a unique additive for balancing DCAD in pre-fresh diets with an exclusive formula that provides high amounts of true protein. Novel composition of Keypro not only provides a powerful and reliable tool to nutritionists and farmers to adjust DCAD in pre-fresh diets but also lacks undesirable effect of conventional anionic salts on dry matter intake which raises doubts about using them in such a diets. Keyprod is mixed of a special formulation of anionic salts to prevent postpartum hypocalcemia and high quality protein source for close up cows based on processed soy bean meal.
mixed of a special formulation of anionic salts to prevent postpartum hypocalcemia and high quality protein source for close up cows based on processed soy bean meal. In dairy cows, the transition from late gestation to lactation is a noteworthy calcium challenge and can result in clinical or 20 subclinical hypocalcemia which can Ca significantly affect the subsequent lactation and reproduction performance by triggering a cascade of-immune func- tion failures and metabolic diseases. 40.07B Economic costs of subclinical which observable signs in a herd times the cost of clinical cases. A common practice to have a smooth transition towards lactation is feeding negative prepartum to stimulated Ca absorption and mobilization and preventing hypocalcemia. powerful the diet and can effectively very in decreasing DCAD of enhance the Ca hemostasis in pre-fresh cows to avoid milk fever and sub-clinical hypocalcemia associated disorders.
High level of non-protein nitrogen (NPN) conventional supplements might be with low efficiency for ruminal microbial protein p in diets which contain low levels of fermentable carbohydrates. Majority of the protein in originates from extremely high quality processed soybean meal and exists as true protein, with a high percentage of undegradable protein. This makes Keypro a valuable contributor to the metabolizable protein supply for cows in pre-fresh period.
Older generations of conventional anionic supplements can cause the dry matter intake to drop significantly due to their undesirable taste for dairy cows. The palatable nature of carrier ingredients and additives along with futuristic and noble technology used in manufacturing Keypro ensures that it is highly acceptable for cows when incorporated into a grain mix or top-dressed onto a TMR. This effect of Keypro will increase DMI which subsequently can improve Ca homeostasis, minimize metabolic disorders and weight loss and enhance the reproduction performance.
We have a very strict policy for quality control in producing all of our products including Keypro to ensure that manufactured products adhere to defined set of quality criteria and meet the requirements of our customers. This CERTIFIED strict policy includes an ongoing supervision protocol for all ingredients, different manufacturing phases, cont consistency of quality and safety, and efficacy of the final product.

Keypro advantages:
*Powerful in decreasing DCAD of diet
*Most palatable formulation
*Easy to mix
*Reasonable benefits to cost
*Providing a good quality of protein
*Practicable utilization in small dairy farms or small close up groups
*Minimizing the risk of animals toxicity

*Feeding rates will vary based on the dietary cation content of the diet from 0.5 to 1 Kg per head/ per day
*From 21 days before expected parturition
*Monitoring urinary pH after feeding rations enriched by KeyPro is most useful approach to es- tablishing the optimal DCAD