Protein & Energy Source For Fish & Shrimps

Experts in aqua feed industry always attempt to find a more effective alternative for one of the costliest parts of the diet; PROTEIN!
In Aqupro, we have succeeded to understand their expectations, by producing a Consistent, Available, Reliable and Efficient source of protein.
Soybean meal has long been used as the main protein source of aqua feed. However due to several disadvantages in soybean meal, such as anti-nutrient factors, some metabolic disorders could occur and lead to the impairment of animal health and performance.

One of the biggest problems aquaculture is facing, especially in case of predatory fish like Salmon, is the high cost of fish meal and low availability of this food material which forms 50% of ration. So, finding an alternative for supplying the ration protein seems necessary. Grains and oil seeds are among foodstuffs which are being considered as alternatives for fish meal and both have to be investigated for their protein and oil content. Soybean is a good candidate for supplying the ration protein because of its balanced amino acids and favorable crude proteins. But despite of having lots of advantages, the presence of anti-nutrients like Trypsin-Chymotrypsin inhibitors and Lectins, Phytic acid and indigestible carbohydrates in soybean cause a reduction in digestion and absorption of nutrients and the occurrence of physiological abnormalities in fish. These materials are partly being neutralized during oil making and press cake production procedure. In Aqupro production procedure, the enzyme treatment and extrusion operation will be applied on soybean press cake, the anti-nutrient amount will be minimized by adding some food supplementary and the protein content digestibility and ration output will be elevated. The processing done for this product makes it significantly different from the available soybean press cakes in the market.