Fish nutrition is one of the most important basics to achieve the maximum growth.

Fish nutrition is one of the most important basics to achieve the maximum growth. Besides following the farm sanitary and management principles, the amount, variety and ratio of fish nutrients and also its digestive system micro flora have to be considered. Prebiotics are indigestible edible material which has a nutritional role and stimulates the growth or probiotics activity (intestine micro flora) and efficiently affect the target aquatic animal health improvement and decrease the pollution in fish ponds.
An efficient prebiotics has to keep its properties in different environmental conditions and stay active in in different shapes. The yeast products of Diamond V (Trademark: XPC) are the rich sources of Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast metabolites and have the potential to be used in aquaculture industry. Fish and shrimps consume this product which is rich in different nutrients and can be used in aquatic animal ration. XPC contains Nucleic acids, Peptides, Amino Acids, Mannan Oligosaccharides, B – Glucan, Organic acids, Esters and Vitamins. XPC Specifications: Increasing digestive system performance and intestine’s probiotics.
Non – specific immune stimulation, disease resistance and ultimately fish survival. Usable as sorbent. Containing high quality and resistant
nutrients. Increasing the food digestion and food consumption output (decreasing FCR) in aquatic animals. An alternative for antibiotics and growth stimulators. Increasing the growth rate. Decreasing the mortality Increasing weight gain.
Decreasing antibiotics consumption and as a result cutting the cost. XPC can be used in the form of pellet, extruded and processed in aquatic animal nutrition without decline in efficiency.