Bypass Protein Source For Dairy Cows

YasminoMax is a rumen bypass protein supplement based on high quality soybean meal which provides high bypass protein with perfect intestinal digestibility and very pleasant aroma, texture and color.
YasminoMax provides animal with at least 70% bypass protein. With the innovative computer-controlled processing method used in YasminoMax production, we are able to monitor time and temperature accurately. This precise system ensures maximum bypass protein without any damage to amino acids content of the end product.
High intestinal digestibility of rumen bypass protein YasminoMax provides a uniform 93% bypass protein digestibility in the small intestine. With optimum heat, moisture and temperature we avoid over-processing and achieve an excellent bypass protein digestibility.
YasminoMax is an effective tool for nutritionists and farmers to overcome growing needs of high producing dairy cows for protein in new dairy production systems and enhance production and reproduction in order to maximize herd profitability.