VIV China 2016

VIV China 2016

2016, Sep 06 - 2016, Sep 08

VIV China 2016 is the leading tradeshow in China for animal husbandry and processing. The multi-specie event includes the sectors of Poultry Meat, Eggs, Pig Meat, Calve Meat, and Dairy.

CHINA LIVESTOCK INDUSTRY WEEK 2016. The China International Livestock Industry Week will feature a week of events relating to the upgrading of animal protein production systems and knowledge. The industry will be on full display in the VIV China International

Summit. VIV China and the Worlds Poultry Congress 2016. VIV International China Summit 2016. The VIV International China Summit features conferences. workshops and seminars. grouped by sector. VICS takes place from September 3-5 VIV China 2016. Chinas prominent

Feed. Meat exhibition takes place from September 6 - 8& Worlds Poultry Congress 2016. The VIV China exhibition will be co-located in Beijing with the Worlds Poultry Congress 2016 from September 5 - 9.