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About Denkavit Corporation

The Denkavit name has been synonymous with trusted quality feeds for young animals for many years now. Over half a century ago, Denkavit pioneered the development of calf milk re placer. We have since grown into a leading global producer in this field, in part through continuous and in-depth research. Over time, we have also built up an entire program of special feeds for young animals such as calves, piglets, lambs and goat kids. Our extensive knowledge of resources and of animal requirements at the earliest stages of life has formed a solid base for our activities. Denkavit stands for quality. High-grade raw materials, verifiable quality and traceable origins are key conditions for good feed for young animals, given that they are especially sensitive and therefore require additional care. That is why Denkavit works with permanent suppliers in order to guarantee the consistent high quality of our raw materials. Not only do we know exactly where our materials come from, we sample each batch and do not release it for further processing until it has been thoroughly analysed and approved by our own laboratory – a guarantee for our customers that Denkavit feeds contain only the right ingredients. The production of veal is a key activity within the Denkavit Group. To this end, our veal calf integration service works closely with calf farmers and local, specialize slaughterhouses. Denkavit is also a supplier of calf milk replacer and calf granules under the brand name Denkaveal, as well as a supplier of calf management services. Because of our progressive knowledge of the composition and practical use of calf milk re placer, we are the perfect partner for all of these parties. It is for good reasons that Denkavit has become one of the market leaders in the production of veal calves in all key European countries where veal is produced. As well as producing veal, Denkavit is also active as producer of high-grade feeds for young animals. A carefully formulated range of milk replace rs for young ruminants is marketed under the brand name Denkamilk.
Denkapig offers a wide range of top-quality piglet feeds. Under the name Denkavit Ingredients, Denkavit markets a wide variety of high-quality, special raw materials and animal feed additives. Denkavit Ingredients represents various important animal feed additive producers in different European markets as both agent and distributor.

Denkamilk Top S

Comprised a carefully formulated range of milks replacers for rearing young ruminants.