Corporations ( Yasnamehr )

About Yasnamehr Corporation

YasnaMehr Groups was established in 2003 as a pioneer company relying on the management experience of two generations. The founders of this group aimed to establish knowledge based organization and on that basis, from the very beginning of the company and in line with other sections, the research and development section started its activity to investigate and solve the customers’ scientific and technical needs. Besides citation on the international research and studies, this section could measure the usefulness of each product under the ecological conditions of Iran and introduce the products which fit these conditions by supporting the local research institutes and universities. In this regard, in 2011 Sana Dam Pars and YasnaMehr Group established a modern factory in Iran complying with the most advanced world standards, and started its activity by producing Yasmino Max Trans membrane protein (based on soybean press cake) for the first time in Middle East. In order to produce the high quality food products being used in dairy cattle, poultry and aquaculture in line with the most advanced world standards, our group always follows the below principals as its top priorities.


Bypass Protein Source For Dairy Cows


Protein & Energy Source For Fish & Shrimps


Heroyas is made from excellent quality feed ingredients using an advanced technology, providing a uniqe formula for equine.


The most desired amino acid profile compared to other protein sources available