Corporations ( SANA Group )


About SANA Group Corporation

Sana Dam Pars and Yasna Mehr Groups was established in 2003 as a pioneer company relying on the management experience of two generations. The founders of this group aimed to establish knowledge based organization and on that basis, from the very beginning of the company and in line with other sections, the research and development section started its activity to investigate and solve the customers’ scientific and technical needs. Besides citation on the international research and studies, this section could measure the usefulness of each product under the ecological conditions of Iran and introduce the products which fit these conditions by supporting the local research institutes and universities. In this regard, in 2011 Sana Dam Pars and Yasna Mehr Group established a modern factory in Iran complying with the most advanced world standards, and started its activity by producing Yasmino Max bypass protein (based on soybean press cake) for the first time in Middle East.

In 2016 SANA GROUP was formed as a consortium consisted of Sana Dam Pars, Yasna Mehr, Pararin Dam and Pooya Daroo and SANA GROUP is now active in an even broader market with a wide range of products including pharmaceuticals. In order to produce the high quality food products being used in dairy cattle, poultry and aquaculture in line with the most advanced world standards, our group always follows the below principals as its top priorities. 

Customer orientation: We believe that, the customers are the best are the best candidates for passing the judgments on the quality of products. We identify the customers’ need and present the products with the highest output and efficiency. We make this complete by providing the customers with problem solving, technical information and appropriate aftersales services. 

Staff Involvement: We believe that, staffs are the most important partner and the biggest investment of our company and our success owes to their team work, innovation and creativity. 

Mutual benefit with suppliers: Successful suppliers guarantee our success and we always think of having a mutual interest with them. The name of Sana Dam Pars and Yasna Mehr Group is always reminding innovation, quality and customer service.