aqua e
Dairy 1
pultry e


A Key for Preventing Hypocalcemia


The most desired amino acid profile compared to other protein sources available


Bypass Protein Source For Dairy Cows


Protein & Energy Source For Fish & Shrimps


Heroyas is made from excellent quality feed ingredients using an advanced technology, providing a uniqe formula for equine.<br />


Availa®Zn (zinc amino acid complex) is a nutritional feed ingredient for animals that contains organic zinc.<br />


Lipidol is a combination of lyso phospholipids, which besides having all the properties of general emulsifiers, has the unique specifications because of its special composition.


Ketosis prevention


Fish nutrition is one of the most important basics to achieve the maximum growth.<br />


Availa®4 is a nutritional feed ingredient for animals that contains a combination of organic zinc, manganese, copper and cobalt.

08 Feb 2016
Yasnamehr & Sanadampars group Announces Participation in AGROEXPO EURASIA 2016
08 Feb 2016
Yasnamehr and Sanadampars Corporation Announces Participation in VIV MEA 2016
03 Dec 2015
Zinpro Corporation Announces Participation in VIV MEA 2016
17 Nov 2015
Explore Your Horse’s Feed Needs with the Zinpro Equine Nutrition App
11-14 Feb, 2016
SDP and yasnamehr in AGROEXPO 2016
15-17 Feb, 2016
VIV MEA 2016
15-17 Feb, 2016
SDP and Yasnamehr in VIV MEA 2016
6-8 Sep, 2016
VIV China 2016

Pejman Ajilchi

Founder & Chairman of Board

* DVM * 20 years experience in feed additives * Founded SanaDamPars & Yasnamehr in 2006

Mahta Ajilchi

Commercial Manager

BSc. Electricity Engineering, MSc. Commercial Management 5 years experience in Commercial Management

Ehsan Parand

Technical Manager

PhD animal nutrition .

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